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How does CopyMinder calculate my invoice?

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CopyMinder invoicing can seem a little complex at first glance, so the following article will hopefully clear up any issues you might have.

You do not need to pre-purchase activations.  Instead, for your convenience, we invoice you monthly in arrears.  If the charges at the end of the month come to less than a minimum amount (currently £10) then you are not invoiced that month and the charges are carried forward to the next month.

The charges consist of up to four elements: installation, active users, trials and manual changes.


Every time a new Product Key is installed and activated by an end user, we will charge you for one installation. This applies to both normal Internet based product keys and those activated using codes without Internet access (Manual Installations).

If the Product Key has a limit on the maximum number of simultaneous network users then you are charged for all these users when the Product Key is first installed. If at a later date you increase the maximum, we will invoice you for the number of extra users.

There is no charge for re-installing with the same Product Key.

Monthly Active Users

There is no monthly charge if you opted for the one-off extra installation fee.  Otherwise, there is a small charge per month for each active user.

This is a monthly charge so, if the billing period is for more than one month (the previous month coming to less than the £10 minimum), you may have more 'active users' than actual users. Note that after a while users may stop using your software. If this is the case, the system will detect that they have stopped using it and we will stop charging you. Hence you will only pay the monthly charge whilst you want the protection and the user is still using your software.

Trial Installations

You are charged each time a Trial is first installed on a machine.  There is no monthly charge for Trials. 


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