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articleCan I run a protected program on a Microsoft Terminal Server?
Yes, CopyMinder should be fine under terminal servers in general.  However, your protected program must be installed as a network ...
25 Nov, 2010    Views: 6140
articleCan I run two products, from different suppliers, using the same CopyMinder Network Server (CMNet.exe)?
12 Dec, 2007    Views: 2538
articleDoes CopyMinder work with a VPN connection?
Yes, CopyMinder treats a VPN connection like a normal network installation.
12 Dec, 2007    Views: 2372
articleCan I run the protected application on the same machine that is running CMNet?
Yes.  The only restriction is that the .cm file used by the protected program cannot be in the same folder as CMNet.exe ...
03 Jan, 2008    Views: 2194
articleError 545
Description: Unable to display a dialog. Solution: If this is a network installation, the most likely cause is that the .cm file in the fol...
12 Dec, 2007    Views: 3033
articleError 693
Description: Unable to display dialog to prompt for Product Key. Solution: If this is a network installation, you should terminate and re-i...
12 Dec, 2007    Views: 3045
articleError 19, 103 Starting the CMNET service
This error message means that the CMNet service did not start successfully because the CopyMinder Network Path could not be found.   C...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 4165

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