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How do I find the .cm and .cm.log files?

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CopyMinder automatically keeps a log file called <protected program name>.cm.log for each installed copy of the protected program.  This contains details about what information is sent to the CopyMinder web sites and diagnostic information should anything go wrong.  It is useful if you send this log file to us whenever you report a problem. 

The .log file is in the same directory as the .cm file. 

To find the .cm or .cm.log file, do the following:

1. Look for a .ini file (<protected program name>.cm.ini) in the same directory as the protected program.
2. If the .ini file does not exist then the .cm and the .cm.log files will be in that directory.
3. If the .ini file does exist, open it (it is just a plain text file) and look for a line starting Path=.
4. The .cm and .cm.log files are in the path specified by Path=.


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