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How do I add a 'Buy Now' button?

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If you are providing users with Trial versions of your software, it is often useful to add a 'Buy Now' button so that they can easily purchase your software.

If you are using the API protection method then you can do this in your own code.  If, when you make the protection check call, you get an expiry error code returned, you can display a 'Buy Now' button which links to your web site, passing their Product Key.

If you are using the Shell protection method then you can produce a similar link as follows:

1.    Create a .cm.msgs.dll (see 'Dialog Customization' chapter in the CopyMinder manual).
2.    For whichever messages you consider appropriate (expiry error for instance), add a 'Buy Now' button.
3.    Extract their Product Key and flags from the MsgsBlock structure and send the PK to your web site if it is a Trial.

Your web site can then get their payment and call cm_prodkey.php on our web site to make the changes necessary to convert their installation to a full version.
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