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If a user activates with the wrong licence key

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When the user enters a Licence Key into the activation dialog it is stored in two places and will be used from then on. If the user enters an incorrect or disabled licence key value, this will prevent them from using the protected program.

To allow them to enter a new licence key, they need to remove the stored values from the <program name>.cm and <program name>.cm.ini files, as follows

First, the correct files need to be found, this is particularly important when CMInstall has been used to copy the CopyMinder files into an appropriate location. Please see this article. The files you need to edit / replace will both be in the path indicated.

<program name>.cm.ini

This is a text file so can be edited with any text editor, such as notepad. In the [Main] section delete the line that begins
and save the file.

<program name>.cm

This file is binary data that is mostly encrypted, so cannot be edited. It needs to be replaced with an original, unmodified version such as supplied with your installer. The easiest way to do this is often to re-run CMInstall.exe from the program directory for your application, or to re-run the installer for your application. This only applies if you use CMInstall as part of your setup process as we recommend. If you do not use CMInstall then you will need to copy the file manually from your distribution media or uninstall and re-install your software to get a new version of the file onto the user's computer.

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