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articleCan I manually activate a network installation using CMServer?
We advise against manually activating network server installations. If, when a client performs a network protection check, an update co...
30 Apr, 2010    Views: 2355
articleCompatibility with the Microsoft Azure platform
Increasing numbers of organizations are moving some of their servers to Azure and using it to run CMServer to server network licences to rem...
10 Mar, 2020    Views: 394
articleReturn code 684
The presence of lines in the .cm.log file on a network server containing the statement "Return Code 684" do not indicate an error condition....
20 Oct, 2014    Views: 4077
articleError 815
This error means that the number of unexpired roaming licences for a network licence key is equal to the number of simultaneous users, so th...
13 Mar, 2014    Views: 738
articleError 1718
Description Installing CMServer as a Windows Service has failed. Solution This is usually to do with having insufficient permissions to...
12 Jan, 2010    Views: 2880
articleError 1721
Description The CMServer Service failed to start. Solution Consult the CMServer log file which you can access by running: CMServer...
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 2411
articleError 1727
Description CMServer didn't recognize the Product Code that the protected program passed to it. Solution Check that CMServer is serving all ...
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 3082
articleError 1738
Description There are no products left for CMServer to serve. Solution This either means that there are no .cm files for CMServer to use, or...
14 Mar, 2011    Views: 2168
articleError 1744
Description You are trying to install CMServer as a Windows Service, but CMServer.exe is not stored on the system drive. Solution Insta...
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 2091

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