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articleCommand line options
There are two different ways of using the CopyMinder command line options. Option 1 copyminder.exe /o "filename.cmp" This will u...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 2665
articleI've forgotten my password
CopyMinder stores all passwords using a one-way encryption algorithm, so we are unable to tell you what your password is. If you t...
18 Jun, 2007    Views: 3534
articleProtecting programs that are deployed using CAB files
My VB program is distributed using the VB Package and Deployment facility.  How do I apply CopyMinder protection?   The VB Package...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 8008
articleIs a CopyMinder manual available online?
Not at present. The manual is in the Help|Contents menu in the CopyMinder Developer's Platform (CopyMinder.exe).  
03 Jul, 2007    Views: 4385
articleCan I protect a self-extracting zip file?
If you protect your self extracting zip file, you have no software protection on you actual program once it's been extracted. You must prote...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 3318
articleAfter resetting/changing my password, CopyMinder no longer lets me protect any files
Description: When you reset your password, it is changed on our online database which is what is checked when you login into the website or...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 2113
articleError A443
Error A443 means that the PE/COFF checksum of a file being shell protected could not be updated. We have had a single report of this happen...
03 Jul, 2014    Views: 719
articleError A470
Description:  The password saved in CopyMinder.exe does not match the one on the web site.   --------------------------------...
07 Oct, 2008    Views: 2435
articleError 830
To Shell Protect a program with Advanced Runtime Protection enabled, your .cm file version must be 44 or later.
27 Nov, 2008    Views: 2365
articleError 840
To Shell Protect a .NET program you must be using version 46 or later of the .cm file.
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 2021
articleError 1518
Description: You get error 1518 when Shell protecting a .NET assembly using the CopyMinder program. Cause: The assembly you are trying to p...
02 Oct, 2012    Views: 1348
articleError 1530
Error 1530 means you are attempting to shell protect a .NET Metro app, which is currently unsupported.
14 Nov, 2022    Views: 100

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