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Can I manually activate a network installation using CMServer?

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We advise against manually activating network server installations.

If, when a client performs a network protection check, an update code is required then CMServer will attempt to display the "Manual Update" dialog. This can cause two problems:

If CMServer is running as an Application it will display the "Manual Update" dialog and then wait for a user to respond to it. CMServer will often be running on unattended machines meaning that this dialog will be displayed indefinitly until someone deals with it. In the meantime, network protection checks will fail due to the server being stuck waiting for a manual update.

If CMServer is running as a Service it will be unable to display the "Manual Update" dialog and will simply return an error code to the client. This situation requires someone to log on to the server, run CMServer as an Application, then get a client to perform a network protection check so that the "Manual Update" dialog is displayed and can be dealt with. Then to restart CMServer as a Service if required.

Neither situation is ideal and either could arise due to the nature of the machines on which CMServer is likely to be running.

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